Wellness Funding Opportunities

The Regional Wellness Team has funding opportunities available for all you wellness fans from the Tri-Council region. Deadlines are fast approaching for the first round of fall grants in September and after that in November. You may be asking yourself, what is Regional Wellness anyways? Well, we are a team that promotes Wellness throughout Slave Lake, Lesser Slave River MD 124 and Sawridge First Nation. In following the Seven Aspects of Wellness, we provide funding opportunities, promote wellness, encourage regional partnerships, develop key regional events and provide Regional Tours for newcomers. Please see below our four funding opportunities available for you this fall!

Sept 2015 Members2
The Regional Wellness Advisory Committee, September 2015

Regional Wellness Funding Opportunities

Wellness Scholarships ($3,000)

The Regional Wellness Team awards three Scholarships for students enrolled in a wellness field such as health, education, social work, forestry, etc. We are accepting applications from students in their second year of a diploma program; third or fourth year of a degree program; or if you are in post-baccalaureate studies. One award is given to a Diploma, a Degree and a Post Baccalaureate student. Deadline: November 15th, 2015 Click here to apply!


Wellness Grants ($1,000-$3,000)

The Regional  Wellness Grants are to assist and support individuals, or community groups in creating regional wellness initiatives. The grant supports the opportunity to develop and implement activities in the region that support wellness and improve quality of life for community members. Deadline: November 15th, 2015 Click here to apply!7 Aspects of Wellness (KH), pamphlet


Training Initiative Grants ($1,000)

The Training Initiative Grant is available to individuals or groups to have the financial means to attend, have access, or acquire wellness related training. Deadline: November 15th, 2015 Click here to apply!


Partnership Grants ($3,000+)

The Partnership Grant seeks to build and strengthen the capacity of community engagement through partnerships. These funds will support wellness projects led by 3+ agencies, groups, not-for profits, businesses and/or municipal government that will be jointly responsible for developing and implementing a wellness initiative. Deadline: March 30th, 2015 Click here to apply!


Are you interested in applying or do you have a question for Regional Wellness? Please contact Patty Stephen, Wellness Coordinator or Kyla Hackett, Regional Wellness Recruitment and Retention Programmer.

Patty Stephen- Phone: (780) 849-8023 or Email: patty@slavelake.ca

Kyla Hackett- Phone: (780) 805-6751 or E-mail: kyla.hackett@slavelake.ca

About Kyla Hackett:

My name is Kyla Hackett and I'm a writer for the Slave Lake Region website. I am also the Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Coordinator for the Town of Slave Lake. What is FCSS you might ask? Well, we are all about building up preventative social programs in Slave Lake. We also enjoy informing everyone about the exciting monthly events taking place around here! Be sure to email me (kyla.hackett@slavelake.ca) if you have a community event you would like to spread the word about.

Ciao for now!