Family and Community Support Services MD 124

About FCSS

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is based on a preventative approach to promote social wellbeing in communities throughout Alberta. FCSS seeks to empower its’ communities local decision making and encourages community development. Essentially, FCSS provides two major services:

1) Grants for local Not-for-Profit Societies 2) Social programming for the community (1).

The FCSS program is unique to Alberta. It officially began in 1981. Today, there are over 200 FCSS programs serving 300 communities and Metis Settlements (2). Two of these programs can be found in the Tri-Council Region, one is located in the Town of Slave Lake and the other in the MD 124 Lesser Slave River. The FCSS program in the Municipality of Lesser Slave River (MD 124) is situated at the MD 124 office in Flatbush and the dedicated person you need to ask for regarding all FCSS inquiries is Peggy Laing. It’s time for you to get to know Peggy! Peggy Laing 1

About the lady coordinating the MD 124 FCSS program:

Saying that Peggy knows her region well is a major understatement! She has been an MD 124 employee for the past 18 years. Her role has evolved into being the go to person for FCSS in the region. Peggy explains “I’m a homegrown resident of Flatbush and have lived here my entire life”. She emphasized how volunteering is a part of her everyday lifestyle, “Some people knit, some people crochet, I volunteer”. Laing is extremely well versed regarding the reality of regional organizations day-to-day and the services they offer. Ultimately, Peggy wants to see small rural communities succeed by doing everything possible to keep communities strong and vibrant.

Peggy currently dedicates a handful of hours weekly to FCSS and explains “If ever in my life I would have had a career goal, this would have been it working for FCSS and supporting the region”. Peggy has been busy using this past year in her new FCSS role to revamp the FCSS Grant application process. She has been meeting with organizations to explain how to go about applying and assisting them with navigating through the new application and reporting forms required.

What does FCSS mean for your great community idea?

For Organizations

FCSS in the MD 124 efforts are focused on the administration of Grants for Not-for-Profit Societies. They provide funding for the following two streams of needs:

For Individuals

If an individual with a great idea for the community was to approach Peggy she would encourage that person to bring this idea to a Not-for-Profit Society in the MD 124. The charity might be interested in taking on the project and then the society will be able to apply for funding with FCSS.  The person could still potentially execute on the program and the society would take on the accountability for the funds. The organization reports on the project and provides a detailed financial statement stating how the funds were spent. FCSS seeks to understand the impact its funds have on the communities it supports. Each year organizations must re-apply for FCSS funding. No one organization is ever guaranteed funding from year to year.

Are you in the MD and interested in learning more?

Peggy would be pleased for you to give her a call to ask any questions.

Phone: (780) 681-3929 or Email:


MD 124 FCSS Recipients 2014 and 2015:


Boys and Girls Club

Flatbush Nursery School

Lakeside Nursery School

Outback Powerpack

Smith Playschool

ACCA Youth Leadership Conference

Flatbush Nursery School (Christmas Craft Day)

Rotary Club of Slave Lake (Kid’s Christmas Party)

Smith School Liaison and Social Skills Program

Smith School –Students to attend the Leader in Me Symposium

Lesser Slave Forest Education Society


Anger Education


Flatbush Help


Smith Gentle Ben (Home Support)


SHARA Society

Town of Slave Lake (Family Fun Nights)



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2: (

About Kyla Hackett:

My name is Kyla Hackett and I'm a writer for the Slave Lake Region website. I am also the Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Coordinator for the Town of Slave Lake. What is FCSS you might ask? Well, we are all about building up preventative social programs in Slave Lake. We also enjoy informing everyone about the exciting monthly events taking place around here! Be sure to email me ( if you have a community event you would like to spread the word about.

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